#SCF2015 | Brasil with S

Brasil was discovered by Portugal
And that’s why we speak Portuguese
There were many Indians out here
But they were all explored and deceived

Ships came and brought many slaves
Portuguese monarchy settled here
Little by little they filled the land
While they took home our gold and our trees

With Native Indians and African slaves
Can you imagine the mess that it was?
Add Spain to the mix and you have it
That’s how Brazil came about

The Jews found a home in our midst
And many other nations as well
The Germans came after the war
To add some order to the hell
People came from all over the place
Can’t you tell we are all a mixed race?

The Girl from Ipanema is such a famous song
But most Brazilians cannot samba
Bossa Nova is kinda hype
But most Brazilians don’t really like

We have axé, pagode and forró
There’s music and rhythm for all
Brazilian funk will make you wanna dance
Though the lyrics will probably make you blanche

You can eat feijoada and drink caipirinha
But there’s nothing like a Brazilian coxinha
Our coffee needs no mention
It’s a market in expansion
Our pão de queijo is best served hot
It is definitely worth a shot

Rio’s our most popular destination
So much so it could be its own nation
But thankfully that’s not all
We’ve also got the Iguaçu Falls

Brazilians can be very funny
We’ve always got jokes to tell
We touch a lot and we’re noisy
We’re oh so dramatic 
You guys know it very well 

If you’ve ever been to Brazil
Or met a Brazilian somewhere
We certainly spiced up your life
Or made you a little bit scared

You’re probably a little more Brazilian
Just by being around us
We’re very contagious, I know
But then who can blame us
With such a mix in tow?

I guess you can tell by this poem
How unique and special we are
So next time you’re planning to travel
Make sure you stop by and say hi

Poema escrito por mim para o trabalho de conclusão da semana sore Escrita Criativa na Escola de Fundamentos da Comunicação da Universidade da Nações
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