#SCF2015 | Life as a Story

The greatest book ever written
Was crafted a long time ago
It was, is and always will be
The greatest story ever told

Some say the story simply happened
An explosion out of nowhere
Others claim it was created
By an author who’s always been there

Millions and millions of characters
Come and go every day
They all play a part in the story
Their lines are whatever they say 

Each birth a new beginning
Every choice another turn
Death comes and puts its period
Whether we stay or we run

There’s romance, horror, action and drama
Battles are fought, lost and won
There’s humor, adventure, mystery and lust
Pages being ripped and pages being turned

Brevity entwined with eternity
Dilemmas to be embraced
Fiction disguised as reality
A paradox of love and hate

There’s nothing wrong with the storyline
Apart from a little twist in the plot
Something that could not be erased
And was painfully rewritten by blood

The author himself became part of the action
A character just like you and me
He lived and he died but now he’s alive
He’s away but his replacement is here

Who’s who in this play of plays?
Where all that matters happens backstage
We all seek applause and fame
But behind the curtains
Aren’t we all the same?

We’re as unique as the author
But so little do we show
There’s truth in every page
But who’s interested to know?

Poems from heaven or tales from hell
What are we willing to tell?
Will our story make a bestseller book
Or a shiny magazine that will never sell?

Poema escrito por mim para o trabalho de conclusão da semana sore Escrita Criativa na Escola de Fundamentos da Comunicação da Universidade da Nações

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